December Market Update

Feb 17, 2014

WBS December Market Update

Happy New Year! It’s officially 2014, and we now have the hindsight to analyze the 2013 building industry activity as a whole. I think most of us working in the housing industry would agree, the past twelve months were good to us, and we can only look forward to seeing more improvements in 2014. Speaking of improvements, we have a new website! Please visit for new photo galleries, product calculators, special offers and much more. We look forward to hearing what you think, as it was designed specifically to enhance our customers’ selection and buying experience.

Annual Analysis: Costs of Framing Materials

Costs of framing materials remain consistent with previous months as 2014 comes to a close. Prices remained steady, a .37% change when compared to last month. This slight shift should not impact prices at all. When assessing the price scale of the entire year, one thing is obvious: the industry is working at much more steady pace. Instead of the ups and downs we experienced in previous years and during and exiting the recession, we’re experiencing limited fluctuation on framing materials costs. The fluctuations in building activity we have experienced are predictable, such as an increase during spring leading to a peak in activity during the summer months and a decline as the year continues into the cold winter months.

Lumber Market Remains Quiet

Lumber sales activity and prices both remained static throughout the holidays and into the New Year. Buyers anticipated increased production while preparing for the holiday shutdown. Even so, traders reported limited supply, specifically with 9-foot studs in both 2x4 and 2x6 inventories. Despite the mild inventory shortage and wintery weather slowing shipments and consumption, producers were still able to maintain steady orders through the holiday season. Though we have not seen any price changes yet, consult your WBS sales representative on how this may affect inventory and prices next quarter.

Forbes 10 Housing Predictions for 2014

Housing is on the upswing! A rise in mortgage rates, home selection and builder confidence are all part of Forbes’ expert predictions in 2014. Read the full list to see what other positive developments we can anticipate in the upcoming year.