WBS June Market Update

Aug 19, 2014

Summer is heating up and so is the building market! After months of building activity falling short of our projections, we can finally say things are beginning to turn around. This is great news, but it's important to remember the rise in demand was subtle and will most likely continue to grow at a gradual steady pace. Until then, WBS has plenty more good news to share! Read below to learn about the changes we're making to provide an even better experience to our customers. Please reach out to your WBS sales associate for more details and to ensure you're equipped for your summer projects.

Cost of Framing Materials

After months of plateaued activity, demand for framing materials is slowly beginning to climb upward again. For the first time in five months, prices have shown an increase. Costs of framing materials in June were up 2% when compared to May. While the increase should only have minimal effects on order costs, it is a great sign that housing overall may begin a long awaited summer resurgence.

Vaulted Ceilings Bring Trim Demand to New Heights

More newly constructed homes with vaulted ceilings are making an impact on the production of long trim in stud mills through North America. Production of 8-foot trim was continuously dominant in years past and a recent survey shows longer trims are now beginning to invade the 8-foot trim market share. A 2013 survey reveals 9-foot trim now represents 25.3% of trim production, as opposed to 22.8% in 2011. Even longer 10-foot trim is making progress representing 11.2% of production, is up from 8.5% in 2011. Among all trims, 104-5/8 inch was most popular, representing 22.9% of all trim production according to the 2013 survey results.

Building Excitement at WBS

WBS is bustling with activity this summer and we're excited to share the latest developments with you! In an effort to provide on-the-go convenience to our customers, we've created our first WBS app! It's free, easy-to-use and can help you track deliveries, check invoices, sign up for events, plus, view and share promotions. Final testing is complete and the app will soon be available for download. We're also currently working on plans to remodel our showroom cabinet displays at all WBS locations! This fall, expect to gain inspiration from new displays that highlight the latest cabinetry design trends, convenience features and a brand new WBS product line currently still in development. Designs are still being drawn, but we hope to have the displays, and new products, available this September.