WBS October Market Update

Nov 30, 2014

October Market Update

October has come to a close and winter is rapidly approaching. Business may taper in the colder months, but the good news is prices are looking more predictable compared to some of the wavering costs we observed earlier this year. As we venture into a mild winter (we can hope, right?), ensure you’re equipped with more than just a heavy coat. Work with your WBS salesperson to ensure you have everything you need for upcoming projects. Also, don’t forget to take advantage of the new WBS app if you haven’t already. With order tracking, electronic invoices, events and promotions, learn how the WBS app can quickly become one of the most valuable tools on your jobsite.

Cost of Framing Materials

After the ups and downs of 2014, demand across the country has tapered to a more predictable level. Prices are in line with those we’d traditionally expect during October, closely matching what we’ve experienced during the previous two years. In addition, non-commodity materials including windows, doors and siding are announcing price increases. Please check with your WBS sales representative about any potential impact this may have on your upcoming project.

Will Canada’s Railway Plan Derail Shipments to the U.S.?

After two consecutive winters of costly delays and equipment shortages, the Canadian National Railway has elected to resolve railway and mill inventory issues with a new plan. Officially enacted in November, the new plan will allow shippers to request a designated number of high and low velocity cars. High velocity cars have limited routes, confining them mostly to Canada and limited destinations in the U.S., while low velocity cars have less restriction. While some expect the plan to improve efficiency, others worry it will be disruptive, particularly to shipments that cross the border. Mills that operate and ship solely within Canada should see little change, but those shipping to U.S. market must wisely select how to use low velocity cars. If the new plan, expected to last at least one year, limits Canadian shipments to the U.S., some sources worry U.S. mills may not have the capacity to pick up the slack, Random Lengths reports.

Five Things Contractors Should Avoid

As a contractor, you probably know there are many rights and wrongs to consider in order to run a successful business and you’re most likely employing effective strategies to keep you, your employees and, most of all, your customers satisfied. But what if you currently employ processes or habits that are limiting the success of your business? From not setting proper goals to working with the wrong suppliers, the Journal of Light Construction shares this helpful list of Five Success-Limiting Actions Contractors Should Avoid.

iPad Winner Congratulations to Green Bay Area Builders!

Congratulations to our lucky iPad Contest winners – Green Bay Area Builders! Now the staff at Green Bay Area Builders has a device for tracking deliveries, invoices, events and promotions … all from the jobsite using the new WBS app! Thank you to all our customers who downloaded the app and participated in the contest.