February 2018 The WBS Connection

Mar 1, 2018


2018 Floor Plan Design Trends

2018 Floor Plan Design Trends

The list of must-have design trends evolves every year, and we love keeping an eye on what homebuyers are looking for. These trends are the result of a desire for homeowners to be comfortable, practical, and live in a functional space. Learn more

While decor trends seem to change seasonally and on a year-to-year basis, home layout styles move at a much slower pace. Things like open concept spaces and large showers instead of oversized tubs are still hot, but we’re seeing today’s homeowner add in some current trends as they look to build or renovate.

  1. The simplicity of a modern farmhouse is still a look the nation is after, thanks to the Fixer Upper effect. Who doesn’t love an updated farmhouse’s simple, clean lines and welcoming, lived-in feel? We’re seeing versions with light-colored vertical siding, metal roofs, exposed beams, and main-floor master suites.
  2. Siding is going light again. Forget the deep blue/grays we’ve seen in recent years. Today’s buying trends show white and gray siding colors, which highlight a home’s exterior lines.
  3. Painted cabinets in open-concept kitchens, particularly in whites and grays, are still a thing. However, experts are poised to see warm wood tones making a comeback. Look for them as an accent on an island, complementing painted perimeter cabinets.
  4. Combination mud/laundry rooms have slowly worked their way out. Today’s homeowner is looking for dedicated spaces — separate from the laundry room — to drop backpacks, sports equipment, and winter gear.
  5. The kitchen computer desk and workstation is no longer a thing. With smartphones, tablets, and laptops, it’s just not necessary anymore. What today’s homeowner does want, though, is functional space dedicated to charging all those electronics. They’re also adding in plenty of extra outlets around the house, because you never know where you’ll be when you need a charge. Keep scrolling to our “Experiences” section to learn more!

When discussing wants and needs with your customers, we urge you to share these ideas with them. Trends not only serve aesthetics, but they have purpose and function. Help arm your customers with the knowledge they need to find what best suits their lives.


Best of the 2018 IBS

Best of the 2018 IBS

The industry’s top event, the National Association of Home Builders International Builders’ Show, recently took place in Orlando, Florida, and WBS purchasers were on hand to check out the industry’s latest innovation, technology, and trends. Learn more

These products featured at the NAHB International Builders’ Show really are the best of the best. There were over 300 entries in 12 categories, and we’ve selected a few of our favorite winners.

Best in Show

AeroBarrier is a breakthrough product in envelope sealing technology. More effective than foam, it is a solution sprayed into the building area that conjugates and seals holes as small as a hair follicle. The sealing process is controlled by computer that shows the sealing results in real-time. It’s a dream for energy-efficient design, and it’s Greenguard certified.

Best Kitchen Product

To stick with the kitchen trend theme we have going this month, Artis Wall is a unique product that allows homeowners (and even renters!) the ability to feature the most current design trends in their home without the fear of permanent damage. These thin wood panels are are made from authentic reclaimed wood from barns, buildings, and snow fencing across the U.S. They’re attached via A.I.M. strips and Velcro and can be easily installed with nothing more than a utility knife and straight edge. This product is perfect for dining room accent walls or even backsplashes.

Best Home Technology Product

Having a smart home doesn’t just mean having the latest cool techy product to make your life easier. It can also be about safety. That’s why the award for Best Home Technology Product went to BRK Brands for its Onelink Safe and Sound Smoke/CO Alarm. This alarm is WiFi enabled, so you’re always connected and always protected. It sends notifications to your iOS device in the event of a smoke or CO emergency. Plus, it has a built-in sealed battery that lasts 10 years, or the life of the detector. That means no dead battery chirps in the middle of the night!

Click here to see a list of all the winners and finalists.


Cabinetry Trends from our Favorite Brands

Cabinetry Trends from our Favorite Brands

We teased it in the “Inspiration” section about floor plan design trends, and for good reason. Cabinetry manufacturers today are creating more organizational inserts and accessories that add function to a kitchen’s storage solutions. Keep reading to see what our favorite brands have available! Learn more

If you haven’t been to an Elevations by WBS showroom recently, it’s time to stop by. As trends evolve and technology leads the way, cabinet manufacturers are getting creative and responding to the wants and needs of homeowners. Our partner brands — Dura Supreme, Northern Classic Cabinets, Smart Cabinetry, and Quest Cabinets — are no exception.


Ten or so years ago, elevated and angled breakfast bars were all the rage. But homeowners started to realize they wasted too much floor space and didn’t function well for things like food prep and everyday use. Now, homeowners and designers prefer flat, rectangular surfaces to maximize entertaining and dining space. Our cabinet manufacturers have the perfect base cabinet options to make that happen, and they can be fitted with under-counter appliances like microwaves and wine coolers. Check out these options from Dura Supreme.

Broom and Mop Storage

Until recently, homeowners have been cramming brooms and mops into any random closet they can fit in. Now, any of our cabinet designers are able to come up with a functional tall utility cabinet design, often located at the end of row of cabinets or off the side of a pantry, where homeowners can store tall items and other cleaning supplies. This one is a game changer.

Functional Storage

Whether it’s a charging drawer or shelf, an integrated spice rack, or roll outs in a bathroom vanity, Elevations has solutions to fit your customers’ needs. Dura Supreme has thought of everything. Check it out here!