June 2018 The WBS Connection

Jun 29, 2018


Dura Supreme Cabinets

Our custom cabinetry line, Dura Supreme, is singing praises about the Elevations by WBS design team. Our forward-thinking designers are the perfect complement to this high-quality cabinetry company.

As a company that strives to be at the cornerstone of technology and innovation, it’s only natural that our kitchen and bath designers do the same and that we partner with companies of similar mindsets.

Dura Supreme representative Stefan Swartzmiller said recently at our 2018 Contractor Show that the Elevations by WBS designers are progressive, always listening, and eager to learn at training events. They’re always on the cutting edge of style and design.

“They ask great questions, and they want to be the experts in the field. And that’s showcased with the amount of business WBS does,” Stefan said. “You get expertise when you come into their locations.”

Stefan said that in addition to producing a top-quality product, the goal of Dura Supreme is to be easy to work with, not only from a design application standpoint, but during the ordering process as well. He said WBS makes it easy for Dura Supreme to do just that with its use of 2020 Design, which allows customers to view their design using virtual reality.

All of these things, Stefan said, keep builders happy.

“Great technology and great finish is where you’re going to win,” he said. “On the design application, you guys have done a wonderful job with 2020 and being able to walk around your kitchen and understand what it’s truly going to look like. It’s pretty fascinating. There’s not a lot of customers and distributors that do that, and I think it’s a game changer.”

To hear from Stefan himself, check out this video.


LP Legacy Sub-Flooring

We’re always looking for the latest and greatest products to add to our lineup, and the newest offering from LP — makers of the popular LP SmartSide — could certainly become one of your favorite new building products.

LP has answered the call for tougher sub-flooring, and it’s made with Gorilla Glue.

Its latest product, LP Legacy is one of the strongest sub-floor panels in the industry. It’s rated by the APA — also known as The Engineered Wood Association — with the highest bending stiffness of any sub-floor in the industry.

Each wood strand in LP Legacy is coated with resins using Gorilla Glue technology, and it’s packed with more resin, wax, and wood fiber than traditional engineered wood sub-floors. This new product boasts superior moisture resistance that prevents edge swell.

The panel’s high density makes it ideal for hardwood floors, tile applications, and homes that may be exposed to the elements for longer periods during construction.

“LP Legacy is a complete sub-floor solution whose premium performance in wet, harsh environments provides building pros with piece of mind until each house is closed in,” said Jim Abbott, director of sales for LP Building Products. “What’s more, our exclusive alliance with Gorilla Glue allows builders to promote a high-profile brand recognized by homeowners for its toughness and durability.”

LP Legacy carries an LP “Covered Until it’s Covered” No-Sand Warranty, and also a Lifetime Limited Warranty that lasts as long as the home.


User Perspective of WBS App

We at WBS love to tell you about our app, which we’re constantly tweaking to meet your needs. But this month we talked to a Green Bay-area builder who uses it on a daily basis, and you’ll want to hear what he has to say.

Our app is designed to make your job easier, which in turn saves you time and money. Steve Gryboski, co-owner of Gryboski Builders in Green Bay, uses the WBS App on a daily basis to keep his construction company running smoothly.

Steve says his favorite feature is the app’s delivery alert system, which lets him know when products will be delivered to job sites. He has them set to automatically go off, so he doesn’t feel like he really even has to make an effort to “use” the app — it works for him. 

In addition to seeing delivery alerts, Steve says he uses the app to check his delivery schedule so he can let his employees and subcontractors know what is scheduled to arrive when. The alerts, he said, usually show up a few hours before a scheduled delivery.

Steve says in the past he used to call WBS to check on delivery updates, and this has eliminated the need. He says it saves him time, and time is money.

Steve says he’s planning on diving more into the app’s other features — like accessing invoices and staying current on upcoming events — soon.

Do you use the WBS app? We’d love to hear more about how it’s working for you. Contact your sales rep today and let them know you’d like to speak with our marketing team about your experiences!