November 2017 The WBS Connection

Nov 30, 2017


Large Scale in Fond du Lac

WBS Large Scale in Fond du Lac


When it comes to kitchens, bigger really is better. The large footprint of this kitchen made way for some supersized design elements, and the result was a space that is worthy of being featured in design blogs and magazines everywhere.

Elevations by WBS designer Kris Freismuth was the master behind this creation, and she said the homeowners were open to any ideas she threw out. So Freismuth used Northern Classic Cabinetry’s Lawrence door style painted Serenity on the perimeter and stained Maple Espresso for the island.

The countertops, Cambria quartz in Brittanicca, are carried out in the backsplash. This makes cleanup a dream and creates a clean, modern feel. Kris said the island top is a 2-inch miter-fold edge, and its thickness pairs well with the large scale of everything else in the kitchen. Incorporating the sink into the island allows the homeowner to socialize and engage in conversation that’s going on in the living space or at the island.

Adjacent to the working kitchen is a built-in bar and display space. Large, deep drawers look current, but they have a function. Whereas opening a door to a pullout tray is a two-step process, opening a drawer is one, simple step.

To finish off the design and make a statement, Kris used oversized cabinet hardware, describing it as “jewelry for your cabinetry.”

“With the scale of everything in this room smaller hardware would be lost,” she said. “This is a very sleek piece of hardware so it’s very easy to clean and pairs nice with the stainless appliances.”


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Trus Joist and TimberStrand from Weyerhaeuser

The floor joists we love from Weyerhaeuser now come with a new technology engineered for consistent performance. TimberStrand Laminated Strand Lumber (LSL) starts straight and stays that way. That means it’s one of the most innovative and versatile building products available today.

Dimensionally stable, Trus Joists with TimberStrand are perfect for longer spans of wide, open spaces we see in today’s floor plans. They have the ability to carry loads in the floor or in tall walls. According to Weyerhaeuser, they can be used in walls up to 24 feet and still have the strength and rigidity required for finishes like doors and windows.

TimberStrand floor joists also have larger allowable hole zones that can accommodate most residential plumbing and wiring needs.

In addition, TimberStrand technology is a green building solution. The manufacturing process combines technology and innovation to produce high-performing engineered lumber using small-diameter trees that are not strong or straight enough on their own to be of structural value.




Schedule Fall Roof Maintenance Checks

Schedule Fall Roof Maintenance Checks

Roofers, take note. This is the time of year you should be reaching out to former clients to offer fall roof maintenance checks before the snow flies.

Much like regular car maintenance and furnace checks, homeowners should have their roofs inspected twice yearly — in fall to clear debris and to make sure it’s ready to protect the home during winter, and again in spring to check for damage that occurred over winter. The problem is that most don’t even think about it.

To help homeowners understand why regular maintenance will save them money and help their roof last, explain the following checklist to them when performing their inspection.


Clogged gutters are a source of leaks. When they’re caught up with leaves, shingle granules, branches, and other debris, water can’t funnel off the roof and away from the house. Leaks from clogged gutters could cause severe, expensive damage to the roof, walls, and gutters.


An inspection will uncover shingle tabs that have come loose or have broken, curled, or warped. It would also uncover any damage to the roof from debris like falling branches. Simple repairs now will help prevent costly water issues down the road.


Neoprene or rubber can crack with age, and critters can cause damage in vented areas. Resealing will fix vent problems and help keep animals and water out.


Inspections around the chimney will ensure the area is properly flashed and sealed. Water gets trapped behind flashing on skylights, so those areas should be inspected regularly, too.


The homeowner may think their roof is bad, but the attic is often the source of problems. Poor ventilation, plumbing, air conditioning, fans, or animal or bug infestation can cause mold, algae, or condensation in the attic space.