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Oct 31, 2017


WBS Supplies Parade Homes

WBS Supplies Parade Homes

Everyone knows about the Parade of Homes. It is arguably the biggest, most highly publicised event in the statewide construction business. Wisconsin Building Supply is proud to be a supplier of choice for many home builders who enter their often high-end homes into these showcases.

Because of the quality and service WBS is able to supply to its customers, we are the perfect choice for home builders who showcase their builds in the Parade of Homes.

In addition to supplying traditional building supplies — like trusses, dimensional lumber, and windows — we carry all the latest, innovative, and trendy products that today’s homeowners want in and outside their new construction homes. We specialize in products like charred wood shiplap, innovative sheathing for weatherproofing homes, and the trendiest decking and railing options that enhance curb appeal.

Some of the grand homes supplied by WBS and featured across the state in Parades of Homes are shown here.

WBS Supplies Parade Homes


WBS Supplies Parade Homes
WBS Supplies Parade Homes
WBS Supplies Parade Homes


WBS Supplies Parade Homes
WBS Supplies Parade Homes


Therma-Tru Flush Glazed Glass

Therma-Tru Flush Glazed Glass

When your clients are looking to let in the maximum amount of light or expand their outside views, look no further than Therma-Tru doors. The reputable door company’s Flush-Glazed Glass has 16 percent more visible glass than its traditional doors, which creates a nice, wide opening.

Therma-Tru’s Flush-Glazed Glass line uses glass built directly into a door or sidelite during the manufacturing process. This innovative feature enhances the door’s look and performance by eliminating the need for a lite frame and screw plugs, creating clean lines.

The door’s polyurethane foam core provides durability and strength. A dual adhesive weather seal prevents air and water infiltration, and black tape between the door and glass prevents finish weep. As a result, doors in the Flush-Glazed Glass line offer a seamless appearance and long-term performance that your clients will love and appreciate.

These doors and sidelites come in five different glass designs, in addition to clear and low-E glass. They’re available Fiber-Classic, Oak Collection, and Smooth-Star doors.

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Use Social Media to Enhance your Business

If you’re looking for a way to help your construction business stand out in a competitive industry, it might be time to start exploring your social media options. You probably already have a Facebook page, but did you know there are other free platforms to help enhance your business?

Design-inspired platforms like Houzz, Instagram, and Pinterest might be the tools you need to boost business and snag new clients.

With over 40 million users strictly looking for home inspiration, Houzz is a great tool for helping home builders gain exposure. This is your target audience for sure! But how do you maximize your exposure to convert Houzz users into leads you can follow up with? Include specific, relevant geographic keywords in your descriptions: If you’re in the Fox Valley, instead of calling a project “Kitchen Remodel,” title it “Appleton Kitchen Remodel.” Another tip is to ask your satisfied clients to submit reviews; favorable online reviews are as good as word-of-mouth referrals and reach a far wider audience. To show potential clients that you are attentive, be sure to monitor your profile regularly and respond in a timely manner to any questions asked about your projects.

Forget about Twitter. In the design world, Instagram is the king of hashtags. You know, #hashtags. Instagram users click them to search for ideas, and stumbling across yours just might drum up business, and it will definitely earn you more followers. Make sure your profile includes a great picture and is set to public. Showcase your builds by using these and other similar hashtags: #customhomes, #newconstruction, #remodel, #designbuild, #dreamhome, #dreamkitchen, #homebuilder.

Featuring your home-building business on Pinterest is a sure way for you to gain recognition and website traffic. Use unique, creative, and inspirational photos and information to help establish your business as a helpful resource and industry expert. Make sure to use keywords in the captions of your Pins, and be sure to add links back to your website. Hashtags also apply in Pinterest.