WBS May 2017 Market Update

May 24, 2017


Classic Charm in a Wauwatosa Renovation

Classic Charm in a Wauwatosa Renovation

Kitchens can often be reconfigured during a renovation to create more space, but that wasn’t a possibility at this home in Wauwatosa. So WBS Sussex kitchen and bath designer Alisha Kamuchey helped the homeowners design a kitchen that included an expansion for added storage and working space.

Alisha’s design added square footage to the back of the house. It extended the kitchen, making room for a large island with seating and a buffet countertop under a wall of windows, both perfect for entertaining. A small desk nook was also added and provides a functional space for the family’s command center.

The popular two-toned look was used in Alisha’s cabinet design, creating classic charm. The homeowners chose Northern Classic Cabinets’ Plymouth door style painted Serenity on the perimeter cabinetry, and the same door in maple, stained Truffle, was used on the island and desk nook.

The shallow cabinets along the wall of windows — which overlook the backyard and bring in the morning sunshine — provide extra storage and include a built-in wine rack.

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2017 Cost of Housing Trends

2017 Cost of Housing Trends


Andersen Corporation Continues Energy Star Winning Streak

Andersen Corporation Continues Energy Star Winning Streak

Andersen Corporation, makers of Andersen Windows, recently was awarded the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s ENERGY STAR Partner of the Year–Sustained Excellence Award. This honor is given to companies who consistently earn Partner of the Year for multiple years in a row. Andersen, a product we are proud to carry, was the first window manufacturer to be named an ENERGY STAR Partner of the Year in 1999.

ENERGY STAR is the trusted, government-backed symbol for energy efficiency. It helps us save money and protect the environment through energy-efficient products and practices. It’s important for WBS to carry ENERGY STAR labeled products, so you and your customers know you’re saving resources and energy.

Andersen Windows are proven to help reduce the transfer of heat, so homes and other buildings where they’re installed require less energy for cooling and heating. Andersen’s A-Series were recognized as Most Efficient of ENERGY STAR in 2017.

In order to be eligible for the Sustained Excellence Award, companies must show annual achievements that surpass those of the previous year. They also must participate actively in communicating the benefits of the ENERGY STAR program.

“We are committed to educating consumers about the critical importance of selecting energy-efficient windows that last,” said Sal Abbate, Andersen chief sales and marketing officer. “The Energy Star brand helps consumers make wise decisions about energy efficiency throughout their home.”

To learn more about Andersen Windows and the ENERGY STAR rating, contact your sales rep today.


Internet of Things

Internet of Things

As contractors and subs continue their quests to cut costs and improve efficiencies, many are turning to Internet of things options — a concept we introduced in last month’s newsletter — to improve site operations. This is our future, and at WBS we’re making it a goal to immerse our business in IoT so you can take advantage of its benefits.

We’re constantly on the hunt for the latest industry trends, and we firmly believe that as technology advances and we move further into this digital age, IoT is going to play a big part in the construction industry.

Last year we featured a project that showcased a complete home build — from digging the basement to laying the last veneer stone — via time lapse video. At the time we created this video, which featured the build of a 3,405 square foot home by Custom Family Homes in the Fox Valley, the purpose mainly was to show the six-month process in about three minutes.

As we’ve thought about the application and how it might benefit you, the professional contractor, we’ve realized what an innovative tool jobsite cameras could be.

  • Live images and video: Log in from any device, anywhere, to see live images or streaming video of your jobsite. Keep an eye on progress, and make sure subcontractors are showing up when they say they are.

  • Security video recording: Keep an eye on the jobsite after hours by recording HD video. This surveillance would come in handy to help you catch thefts and review jobsite incidents.

  • Time lapse: Create your own time lapse videos for marketing purposes, or simply use them to help you recall when exactly an order was delivered or when a day of inclement weather slowed progress.

See the time-lapse video below, and get in touch with your sales representative if you’re interested in having one of your projects featured via time lapse.