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The residential design service at Wisconsin Building Supply will help you with the most critical part of your building project: the planning phase. Planning impacts every aspect of your project—from cost, to materials selected, to logistics, to the potential resale value of your home. With Wisconsin Building Supply you can rest assured that your construction plans will be exactly what you need for a successful project.

There are a myriad of issues to consider when designing a new home or remodeling project. By listening to your needs and implementing your vision we find solutions that incorporate all your key design elements without exceeding your budget. Working closely with you—and understanding your unique wants and needs, we can satisfy the requirements that your lifestyle, timeline, site conditions and topography demand. Together, we’ll create a structure that is much more than a house; it’s your home. And with the expertise at Wisconsin Building Supply, it will meet your needs today and 20 years from now

After we prepare your new home plans, you can take advantage of our professional exterior visualization services to select the perfect colors and products for your home. 

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